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St. Mary's Paralytic Centre Treatment :

Message From Girish Patel.... PARALYTIC CENTRE. Group is for the people who is been

suffering from Paralysis attack and need good treatment with economic charges.... If the

person is been attacked paralysis with in a short period of time, this is the place were you can

recover your self very fast with 100% cure, and the charges are very economic coz its been

managed by the Franciscan Sisters of St.Mary of the Angles.. Karwar...You or your near and

dear ones may also REQUIRE THIS TEATEMENT. any time..


Below are the pics of the hospital and letter from the management. Please do read the letter and help them.

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Note : How to reach the place

Address : St Mary's Paralytic Centre (Halga - Dist, karwar)

From Goa to Halga - 95 Kms

From Karwar to Halga - 24 Kms

From Hubli and Mangalore - 167 Kms

From Karwar to Sadashivgard - 8 Kms from here you need to take Right Turn which is just 20 Kms to the Hospital.

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